My 999 KM Run featured in Rotary International

My 999 KM Run featured in Rotary International

On February 17 2014 Neo starts his 999 Kilometer run from the very top of Thailand down to the east coast of Pattaya. He is hoping to raise funds to End Polio and water projects in Thailand.

Since I came to Thailand I have always helped people. In Phuket I worked with the local police and tried to help foreigners and Thai come to agreements where neither party had insurance, this was long time before the Tourist Police was set up. Just before the Tsunami came 2004 I lucky enough and moved to Bangkok. However I was a volunteer in Bangkok translating and searching for missing people during the Tsunami. We created and set up a database over all the missing people while the forensic people down in Phuket keep sending us all the gruesome images.

In Bangkok I start taking care of street dogs and making a center for them in the rural parts of Thailand, that’s why I want to run to raise money for water as well as dogs. The village where my house was had no water for one year and the only source of water was my drilled well. They all had taps but there was no water for a year to use them.
My 999 KM Run featured in Rotary International

When I moved to Pattaya I started to help out with Charity Networking and a local chapter of the World Wide Organization Lighthouse. I started to run in 2012 and not long after that my friend introduced me to Rotary. With me joining Rotary I finally found something that suited me very well. I could learn from more experienced members and in the same help the club with my media and fundraising contacts. I wanted to do something for Rotary International as well as local so thats why I am running to End Polio and Raise money for Water Projects.

My run will take me to many drought striking provinces in Thailand that for a few month of the year are totally flooded and then totally dry. It is not a easy life the farmers have in rural Thailand and most of them are still poor. Most people only see Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya but never travel to the poorer area outside the neon light. I been there and I seen the poor people struggle first hand it is not an easy life they live and most of them do not have access to clean water at their home.

I know about Polio for a long time and I have been following Rotaries progress trying to eradicate it. I thought that in Thailand the children should be safe but the doctor who vaccinate my newborn daughter here in Thailand told me they still have cases coming to in from neighboring countries. I saw the vaccine first hand a simple drop in the mouth and she is protected from polio it is simple and brilliant.

The run itself will start at the most northern point of Thailand at the city of Mae Sai and end 30 days later at the east coast of Pattaya. I am trying to sell kilometers for $10 and if you buy 33.33 KM one days of running I wear your t-shirt for the day.

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