Running 999 KM for Clean Water in Thailand

Running 999 KM for Clean Water in Thailand

Running 999 KM for Clean Water in Thailand – A Rotary Area of Focus Project

We want to help all less fortunate people in the world to have clean drinking water. More than one billion people lack this most basic commodity. Having safe drinking water helps to liberate people so they can live healthier, fuller and more productive lives. 6,000 children die every day from water borne diseases.

Give a Child clean water

Water borne diseases are the 7th largest killer in Thailand. If cases of cancer and other related illness caused from drinking dirty water were taken into account, that rate would be much higher.

Where will the money go?

We want to help established projects in Thailand like the Rotary Club in Northern Thailand who give water filters to poor families and install water filters in schools in Thailand.

We would also like to drill for water. Some places in Thailand, like my old village in Uthai Thani, have no water for up to one year. However, this province is not alone and over 40 provinces in Thailand have drought warnings each year. To drill a well with the pump costs about $3300. That well can be connected with a cleaning system giving the whole village clean water directly from the source.

lack of clean water

We would also like to set up a fund for youth innovation in Thailand that work for water projects and new ideas with a scholarship each year.

Running 999 KM to stop Children drowning – A Rotary Project

7 children die each day in Thailand

Today Seven Children Died in Thailand

During my 999 Kilometer run in Thailand I will pass many ponds, lakes, dams and place where seven children in Thailand die every day.

There is very few schools that teach swimming and they only teach the basic. With most of Thailand having severe drought during most of the year there are not many places to learn how to swim in. Pools and ponds that children can learn swimming are mainly in the big hotels in the cities far away from the places where children drown. Even if they get access to a swimming pool there are not many people that can actually teach them how to swim.

Almost 90% of the 1-4 year old age drowns within 100 metres of their home. The only way to help that problem is to educate the family to take better care of their children and inform them about dangers with even small quantities of water.

Where will the money go?

Educate and hire swim ambassadors around Thailand that can educated their districts hometown how to swim and how to avoid babies drowning. We will start in the sea resort of Pattaya where many workers from rural areas come to live but no knowledge of swimming.

Teach Thai Children how to swim

Rotary Grants

Both Clean water and stop children from drowning falls under the Rotary Areas of focus and global and district grants are possible. Making your donations grow many times.

Clubs and districts contribute District Designated Funds (DDF) and/or cash contributions that the World Fund matches. DDF is matched at 100% and cash is matched at 50%.

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Thailand deserves to have clean water and safe water for everybody donate now!

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