Category 1 Thailand Run

Code of Conduct/Participation/Terms/Fundraising


All people registered with 999km Thailand Charity Run 2014 are called participants or runners.

All staff are called run staff and a staff admin/run supervisor is called run management.

Event day is any day the participant has said they will run.

The run is scheduled to take place between 11th January and 8th February 2014.


Category 1 Thailand Runners and Visitors to Thailand without local support: Participants having no support structure in Thailand and expecting to take part in the Thailand Run.

Participants will be collected from the nearest airport, bus station,etc housed, fed and generally taken care of throughout their stay.

Category 1 Thailand Runners to agree to participating in most of the named stages throughout the 30 days.

Participants agree to make commitments to fundraising of $10,000 or $500 (15,000baht) per day of participation, if less.

Category 1 Thailand Runners must be at least 18 years of age.

Category 1 Thailand Run carries  a non returnable fee of $300 payable with application.

The Thailand Run is non competitive, and so not a race; it is a friendship and adventure run for all participants joining together to gather funds for charities in Thailand while at the same time having fun.  It will be better for all if we run as a team, encouraging, assisting and supporting each other as far as is possible taking into account that each person runs at his own pace.

Further information for Category 1 Thailand Runners:

Category 1 Thailand Runners are personally responsible for:

  • Getting to the airport or bus station etc which is nearest to the stage they intend to start their run in Thailand.

  • Complying with the Thai immigration requirements including obtaining a Visa appropriate to the length of stay. It is the runners sole responsibility to make sure his/her visa is in order and to have the wherewithal to pay for any costs or penalties of non compliance. The run staff can only give advice within their understanding and cannot be held liable for any errors or misunderstandings. Runners are most likely to enter Thailand on a tourist visa.

  • Payment of the Registration Fee for the Thailand Run ($300.00) must be paid before any participant counts as a runner of the team.

  • Fundraising commitment of $10,000 or $500 per day if less. This must be met or have been transferred before 10 days prior to the commencement of the run in Thailand.

  • Any runner extending his/her running days also extends his/her financial commitment and can after approval of run management use a credit card to guarantee the funds.

Included in Category 1 Thailand Run

  • Travel insurance covers the days running for emergency care, ambulance and hospital care in Thailand. This insurance do not cover any conditions not related to the run or pre conditions or any condition for which the patient has already received or would have been expected to receive medical advice or treatment prior to the run. The insurance covers medical care within Thailand not lifestyle, loss of income or consequences of loss of life.

  • Collection from airport, bus station or collection point and transport to the run as pre-arranged. Participants arriving up to 24 hours before the event starts will benefit from event food and accommodation

  • Return trip to airport, bus station or collection point as pre-arranged and help buying tickets. Event staff will help the participant book/buy bus/van tickets and ensure embarkation on the correct vehicle to the designated destination.

  • Thailand Run reserves the right to make amendments to transport arrangements within Thailand to facilitate other participants.

  • Transportation in Thailand between runs. A vehicle with driver will take all participant from one run point to another. The vehicle will be available to all participants during runs.

  • Accommodation. The accommodation which may be from basic to five star will vary in different locations in Thailand depending on sponsorship. Accommodation is available for one night before the start and the one night after the event

  • Three meals per day with beverages (no alcohol). This will include a minimum three meals per day including sponsor meals in each day of the run  The variety of food can vary depending on where in Thailand the event is held.

  • There is no facility for special cases and it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they eat and drink within their own compliance with food tolerance or preference.

  • Sport drinks and water will be available throughout the run.

  • Access to media and internet. Wifi will not be available in many parts of Thailand. The participants are responsible for obtaining telephone connections for GPS and internet and ensuring sufficient internet credits.

  • Thai translations. A Thai / Englishing translator will be available during the entire run.

  • Sponsored clothing You will be giving sponsored clothings at different locations during the run.

  • Help Setting up a fundraising account. The event staff will after registrations and verifications free of charge help any participant to set up an online fundraising account.

  • Free Copy and Exclusive preview of the movie “Running 999 KM for Charity” (not official name). At designated locations around the world, online and in Thailand.

  • Free Copy of the Books. It is anticipated that publications will include books, describing before, during and after the run event, will be available on Amazon. A free copy will be sent to your postal address or email ebook version.

  • Periodic e-newsletters during the 20 weeks prior to the run with helpful hints and important information regarding fundraising, corporate matching gift opportunities, training, nutrition, Thailand information and more.

  • Shared news coverage and social media coverage. Any participant will have the benefit of joint promotions with social media, news coverage of the Thailand Run and with other runners.

  • Exclusive Post run thank you party in Thailand. All participants plus five guests will join a VIP guest at the exclusive post run thank you party in Thailand.

Sign up for the Category 1 Run

Pay the application fee for Category 1 Run

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Amendments / Reservations / Acknowledgements

  • Event officials reserve the right, to modify, supplement or waive all or part of the event rules.

  • Participants shall be bound by any modification or supplement of the event rules published prior to the event.

  • Participants failing to follow these event rules, as may be amended, will for the safety of other runners be immediately disqualified from the run but be credited  for funds raised in accordance with the rules.

  • Category 1/Code of Conduct/Participations/Terms/Fundraising are governed by section 2.2.