The Long Run in Thailand

The Long Run in Thailand

Two days of running and this is my thought so far.
So it turns out the overall distance from the north of Thailand to Pattaya is not 999 KM but in fact a little less, but since I am going to do some round trip runs my overall distance will be longer.
999 KM is about 24 Marathons or 48 half marathons, this is probably more than most people run in a lifetime.

I am hoping to be able to sleep about 10 hours a day and will burn around 6000 Calories a day so eating and sleeping will be a big part of my daily routine.

Some people have said its not possible to run 24 marathons in 30 days but I beg the differ. Stefaan Engels, 49 ran 365 marathons in one year making that one a marathon every day, that’s very impressive and maybe someday I will try to break his record.

There was also an Australian couple who broke that record, they ran a marathon each day for 366 days eating only fruit and vegetables

So the overall distance I’m running is not that great. For me the logistics has been a bigger challenge, finding sponsorship and the thought of being away for a month has been most troublesome.

I am not worried about my run, I am worried about everything else like the car breaking down, losing our way, no place to sleep and most worryingly leaving my dogs at home.

Going back to being a Buddhist would be a better way, having all these attachments in our lives dragging us down, if it was only me the road and running I would be just fine.

So even if my 999 KM run is not the longest run in the world. Consider doing a test run today, Put your running shoes on and see how far you can go.

When you’ve done that come back here and help us raise funds for people and animals in need. Thankyou.

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