Steps to Prevent Drowning in Thailand

The Thailand Run is committed to educate people how to avoid drowning. Seven children die each day in Thailand from drowning and we need to stop it.
Please commit your company to help us create education campaign in 2014. We are running 999 KM then we will teach children how to swim trough Rotary.

* The most important part of preventing drownings is constant supervision.
* Adults can offer non-swimming water activities.
* Empty buckets, pails, and bathtubs completely after each use.
* Never leave children alone around any water.
* Cover and lock the hot tub, spa, whirlpool or fence it in like a pool.
* Adults supervising children in the water need to be able to scan the supervised area within 10 seconds and reach a person in distress within 20 seconds.
* Think through an emergency action plan before it is needed.
* Preschool children can be enrolled in swim classes, but no amount of instruction makes a child “drown-proof.”
* Never leave a baby in the tub even for a second. Children drown with the seats and rings quickly and silently. Most siblings are not old enough to properly supervise a young child in this situation.
* Keep the toilet seat cover down. Consider putting a latch on the bathroom door high enough to be out of reach of an interested infant and toddler.
* Do not leave containers in the yard where they may collect water and attract a child.
* Learn CPR.
* Plan ahead. Before interplay, think about what might call you away. The phone, needing a towel, front door bell, getting a Band-Aid.
* Turn on the answering machine or bring a cordless phone
* Bring all needed items, sunscreen, towels, first aid kit
* Tape a sign to the front door letting parents know you are out back with the children
* Even good planning can’t account for every situation. If you need to leave the water play area, EVEN FOR A FEW SECONDS, take the children with you.
* If you choose to use a pool with children, remind children of the rules each time you use the area.
“I need you to walk inside the pool area. Running isn’t safe in there.”
“Diving needs extra adults. I need you to jump or walk into the pool unless an adult is ready to watch you dive.”
“Even though there is lots of water in the pool, using it like a toilet can make people very sick. If you need to use the bathroom, can tell me right away.”
* Remember, diving into shallow water causes spinal injuries. Never allow diving in above ground pools, shallow water, or unknown areas.

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