Code of Conduct / Participation / Terms

All people registered with 999km Thailand Charity Run 2014  are called participants or runners.

Staff admin/supervisor is called run management.

Event day is any day the participant has said they will run.

The run is scheduled to take place between 17th February and 19th March 2014.

Runners anywhere can raise money for charity in Thailand. If you are going to be running during the months of January or february 2014 why not get sponsorship and send money to help charities and good causes in Thailand. We are the 999km Thailand Charity Run 2014 and we want to raise $999,000 in 2014 in two programs one called ‘Thailand Run’ (categories 1&2) and the other ‘Freedom Run’ (category 3).  We want to hold a Run and bring freedom to people and animals living with disadvantages.

Category 3 Freedom Run is for runners who want the freedom to run where and when they want so long as it takes place between 11th January and 8th February 2014. These will include many fun runs, schools and clubs arranging routes in other provinces, countries or continents.  An informal group may prefer to have a single registration in which case they would register a representative.

Note: Runners wishing to join in with runners participating in the ‘Thailand Run’ should register with Category 1 or 2.

Category 3 Freedom Run are totally self supporting and can make donations of such funds as they raise.

It does not matter where you run with Freedom Run. You make your own rules according to your country. Many people will be doing a fun run in Thailand but it is up to you and your sponsors where and how the run takes place. To join us and help raise enough money to give a better more healthy and safe life to Thai people register with us and tell us what you plan to do. It’s free, there is no obligation, just collect money in any amount and send it, giving us your ideas of how you would like us to spend it. Ideas so far include school, hospital and homestyle benefits including projects for clean water, assisted mobility and hospital equipment such as incubators for premature babies.

Running in a race or a running event? Make your run count by registering with Freedom Run. Run in any event anywhere in the world and help support Thailand charities.

If you are able to secure your own entry in any event, you can participate in the Freedom Run program. The Freedom Run program is open to anybody, anywhere!  There is no application fee or fundraising minimum and no registration fee. If you have your own event entry into any event (for example: your local school race, local race, online Marathon challenge, Falmouth Road Race, etc.), you can run the event to support 999 Thailand Charity Run 2014; runners must secure their own race entry.

First, you must register for any race or event through the official race organization wherever you are, then fill out the online registration form to take part in the Freedom Run part of 999km Thailand Charity Run 2014. Whether you are a first time runner, a seasoned professional or a group we welcome your participation!

Further information for category 3 Freedom Runners:

As a Freedom Run registered participant or representative of an informal group, you will receive:

  • An online individual fundraising page

  • Assistance with your fundraising efforts from dedicated 999 Thailand Charity run staff

  • Periodic e-newsletters during the 20 weeks prior to the run with helpful hints and important information regarding fundraising, corporate matching gift opportunities, training, nutrition, Thailand information and more

If a Freedom Run donation surpasses a $500 threshold the registered participant will get:

  • All participant plus five guest will VIP guest at the exclusive post run thank you party in Thailand.Free Copy and Exclusive preview of the movie “Running 999km for Charity” (not official name). At designated locations around the world, online and in Thailand.

  • Free Copy of the Books. It is anticipated that publications will include books, describing before, during and after the run event, will be available on Amazon. A free copy will be sent to your postal address or email ebook version.

  • Shared news coverage and social media coverage. Any participant will have the benefit of joint promotions with social media, news coverage of the Thailand Run and with other runners.

  • Exclusive Post run thank you party in Thailand. All participants plus five guests will join a VIP guest at the exclusive post run thank you party in Thailand.

Sign up for the Category 3 Run

Pay the application fee for Category 3 Run

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Freedom Run recommends a fundraising account such as and requires that funds are remitted in total within 72 hours of being raised with the understanding that funds in the account are not to exceed $1,000 at any time.

Do not hoard cash, make a commitment to transfer any funds raised on a regular basis.

You must supply us with a valid ID card or passport from your country.

Participants under 18 years of age must have written consent from parents.