Charity Information

999km Thailand Charity Run 2014 is a run from the North of Thailand down to Bangkok and Pattaya.

Thailand Run’s goal is to raise 9999 THB per Kilometer from corporate and individual sponsors excluding the funds raised by co runners.

The Thailand Run is not a race it is an achievement for all participants and the main purpose is to create awareness about different charities and causes around Thailand.

A sole runner inviting other runners to join in along the way as fundraising co-runners  will commence the 999km on 11th January and 30 days later end on 9th February 2014 after running 33.33 KM per day.  Along the way the team of runners will stop and visit charities, causes and places of interest to create awareness and raise funds.

Thailand Run is looking for cooperation with charities and causes to coordinate smaller activities with the team on specific days.

The funds will be raised before, during and after the event through online fundraising, event, activities, corporate sponsorship and co runners.

Thailand Run actively encourage supporters to donate directly to any cause or charity with the charity giving Thailand Run credit for the donation as funds raised.

Thailand Run want to support charities around Thailand by creating awareness through activities, events and visits. Thailand Run is looking for charities and causes that need help with specific capital projects rather than seeking to meet maintenance costs. Thailand Run is looking to avoid diverting funds for running costs by having sponsors transfer funds directly to the charity or cause.

Thailand Run is hoping to get all running costs sponsored.

Thailand Run has a non profit policy and total transparency with books and accounts open to all for inspection and review. Administrative and running costs by the end of the run should not be more than 5% with 95% or more being donated to charity and causes.