Today Seven Children Died in Thailand

Today Seven Children Died in Thailand

Today Seven Children Died in Thailand

During my 999 Kilometer run in Thailand I will pass many ponds, lakes, dams and place where seven children in Thailand die every day.

There is very few schools that teach swimming and they only teach the basic. With most of Thailand having severe drought during most of the year there are not many places to learn how to swim in. Pools and ponds that children can learn swimming are mainly in the big hotels in the cities far away from the places where children drown. Even if they get access to a swimming pool there are not many people that can actually teach them how to swim.

In Pattaya a seaside resort I know more people that can not swim than people who can swim mostly because the big influx of workers from upcountry in Thailand.
I even met sea captains and people working on the boats that actually can not swim but they depend on the boat not sinking. For children older than five, those who can swim rarely drown. However, many can’t swim and young school aged children, those aged 5-9, account for more than one out of three child drownings

However most children do not die at sea they die just outside the door in buckets, small ponds and dams. Almost 90% of the 1-4 year old age drowns within 100 meters of their home. The only way to help that problem is to educate the family to take better care of their children and inform them about dangers with even small quantities of water.

Please help us educate the families and the children in the dangers of water and how easy it is to drown. Buy a swim lesson to a child or a education book for their families.

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