Running to light up Thailand Rotary

India just got declared Polio free by not reporting any new polio cases in 3 years.
But the fight to end to end Polio is not over the deadly disease is now rampant in Syria because of the war and cases is still found in Pakistan, Nigeria and some other countries.

The 999 KM to end polio is still very active and we took a step in the right direction when my new club Rotary E Club of the Carolina’s will match total Polio Plus donations submitted through this Club up to $1000 $1000.

I am now encouraging other clubs around the world to do the same and the Melissa and Bill Gates foundation will match that 2 to 1 through Rotary.

This is the power of Rotary and the new Lighting up Rotary slogan, we can light a candle and 1.2 million people can light theirs. Help us to make this an amazing run from North Thailand to the east coast of Thailand 999 KM in 30 days.

Running for Rotary Running to End Polio

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Light Up Rotary
Light Up Rotary

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