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If you are press or media take a look at the Thailand Run Press Kit, free to use for any press. English or Thai language version available.

Running 999 KM

Running 999 Km from the most Northern Part of Thailand to the east coast of Thailand.

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The 999 KM run featured in Charity Miles Blog Post


I love the idea about Thailand Run because the produce goes to Charity and it promotes a healthy lifestyle. The running websites option interface is second to none, and the management is extremely effective, something which is unfortunately NOT now standard among many charities.

It has been my pleasure, to know Neo Lothongkum for the past several months, this gentlemen has so much energy, If he’s not running for things like Water and Charity, he is organizing groups of students, adults, Pattaya City Hall, to clean, save, the beaches, ocean and waterways.
I join as many events that Neo has, he is making a big difference in Thailand, It is an honor to join his Green Pattaya Group…

May The Force Be With Us
Gerry T. Rasmus aka KOTO

The Personal Appeal for Koto is Now closed we ask you to give money to the water project instead.

Neo is as driven a person as I have ever met. Any man who can complete a marathon is worthy of respect, but a man who is willing to take on dozens of them consecutively purely for charity is either extremely noble or in dire need of a car. His work at the head of a community environmental group in Pattaya demonstrates his singular determination to get things done instead of complaining and waiting for someone else to do the work

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All fund will go direct support to Charity, NGO & Causes locally in Thailand