Why do I run 999 KM?

Why do I run 999 KM?

Why do I run 999 KM?

This is why I am running 999 KM in just one day, when you read this I am already traveling by 17 hours the same way I will be running back in 30 days.

On February 17 2014 Neo starts his 999 Kilometer run from the very top of Thailand down to the east coast of Pattaya. He is hoping to raise funds to End Polio and water projects in Thailand. He will run 33.33 Km per day and he hoping to sell 1 kilometer for $10. There will be no resting days and in total he be running 24 Marathons in 30 days. Neo is a member in the E-Club of Carolinas

I decided early in my planning to run for a few things not only one thing. Some might think that is a bad strategy but I always believe you can accomplish anything you want. As a Rotarian I really want to Rotary to help eradicate Polio and thats why I am doing my part dedicated $10 000 of the run to End Polio. As long as there is Polio in the world we risk another outbreak and with my newborn daughter just born I saw how easy it is to give the vaccine to children. When I asked my doctor if they had any cases of Polio he said not in Thailand but sometimes it comes in through the borders.

Water is having big effects on Thailand on a daily basis, it is needed to grow the rice. People need water to drink but it also takes lives. One of the other things I am raising funds for is Water, I lived in a village in Thailand that did not have any water for one year and they were lucky that I moved there and drilled my own well. Before the whole village went without water for about 11 month of the year and they were flooded for one month. Many people in Thailand still live without clean water close to their home and clean water is still the number seven of the causes of death in Thailand. Seven is also the number of Children that die each day in Thailand from drowning it is a staggering number and only during the 30 days I be running 210 children would die. I want want to establish a Rotary School to teach swimming to children in Thailand when my run is finished.

It is not easy to be a member of Rotary in a country where most Rotary is in Thai and you do not speak the language very well. It is gap with the English speaking clubs and the native Thai clubs. With my run I hope to visit some of the clubs around Thailand and at least say hello and tell them about my projects. We need to show people around the world that Rotary members are doing activities and engage more young people into Rotary

My Thailand 999 KM Run will therefore be among others things to create awareness about Rotary and the new eclub and make a real effort to recruit new members. When I come back from the run I hope to form a few fellowships and action groups some of them are already in the making.

You can follow the run on www.thailandrun.com the fundraising and updates is at the www.thailandrun.org/

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