FAQ Co runners

– I can not come to Thailand until 20 February 2014 how can I join the run?

You should register as a C2 runner.

– Is there a limit of how many C1 and C2 runners?

There is always a potential limit as there comes a point when either the support logistics have to be increased or a limit is enforced. So please register your application early…

– I want to run as a C1 runner do I need to bring anything?

You will be well looked after from the day you arrive in Thailand, but you still need to bring personal clothing, extra food supplements if you need and running equipment. There are shops along the way but choice is limited.

– I want to run as a C2 runner do I need to bring anything?

As a C2 runner you are not expecting to run the full course and not expecting the run management to provide accommodation or back up arrangements. Run management, whilst not being responsible for your food and drink, will attempt to ensure without obligation that refreshments are available during the running time.

You will be able to share in any goods and services provided by sponsors although in certain circumstances, for example accommodation, category 1 participants will take priority over you.

So you are basically on your own but sharing our sponsored goods.. As you may not be sharing transport or staying in our accommodation you need your own transport and place to stay. Run management will help you with all the running events but for equipment, hotels and food you are on your own.
Category 2 is for the participants who don’t want to make as much commitment to the project but we still see you as part of our family and will endeavor to help you as much as we can.

I am a C1 co runner I want to bring my friends along

C1 registered participants are expected to run and as runners are supported by the run organizers. Non participants are free to come and watch at their own expense.

I am a C2 co runner I want to bring my friends along

C2 registered participants are expected to run days/stages in accordance with their registration. However as they are not supported by the run organizers they should be accompanied by non participants who are not only free to come and watch at their own expense but expected to provide backup for the participant.

It is expected that some C2 participants will as a group run on different days/stages as in a relay. However each participant should register and let know the stages they expect to run.

I am a C3 runner do I need to come to Thailand?

You can run anywhere in the world, however you are invited to the exclusive VIP party after the run if you wish to come.

What is the cost of the C1 run?

There is no undisclosed charge as such for a C1 for his transport, food, accommodation and insurance once he/she has has been picked up at the rendezvous and until drop off after the run. Essentials are provided but personal expenditure selected and ordered personally will have to be paid for by the C1. Your costs will be covered by sponsors and your registration fee ($300).

I am thinking of running in C1 or C2 but I can not get a Visa to Thailand can you help me?

Visas are readily available for all but exceptional cases. We direct would be participants to approach a Thai Embassy in their country of residence. We are happy to assist within our competence but cannot help with paying any costs or penalties associated with procuring and maintaining a valid visa.

I am thinking of running in C1 or C2 how long Visa should I apply for?

Normally non-residents of Thailand can get tourist visas for 30 days or more depending on country of residence. We expect that you as a C1 runner will be in Thailand for maybe 35 days in total and would strongly advise you to apply for a visa, exceeding that term, from a Thai Embassy outside Thailand. There are many agencies in Thailand that would advise visitors whose visas have expired but for ease the participant should ensure his visa is suitable and satisfactory for the purpose.

I am thinking of running in C1 or C2 do I need to speak Thai?

No we will have translators

Do I get a prize for running first place in C1 or C2?

This is not a race against other participants, it is to raise funds and create awareness for causes in Thailand. However your achievement will be recognized by your co runners and supporters, sponsors and charities and their officers around Thailand . You will probably leave Thailand with a numbers of diplomas, statues, amulets and free samples but most of all, with lots of new friends.